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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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They say that life is filled with extraordinary ideas. There are certain things that happen in our lives that we find quite confusing. This was the exact feelings that Tasha felt during that one sunny afternoon in New York. Tasha was your typical girl next door. She was a hard working and dedicated student. Her passion for her craft and love for people exemplified the goodness of her heart as accompanied by the exuding beauty she radiated. While walking home from school, Tasha experienced what she thought only occurred in the movies. An unknown figure cloaked in brown stood in front of her.

Greetings, our dear princess. It is time. With his voice echoing all throughout the area while he bowed down to Tasha. It is with utmost delight that I have finally come face to face with you. My name is Zuma and I am from the planet, Arkin, your home planet. I believe that your parents, the king and queen, are also hiding amongst these creatures, he continued. Tasha turned pail and was surprised with what the being said. The loud voice of the creature caused Tashas hair to go to her face, but she still looked radiant as ever. I do not understand. What are you talking about?

Is this some kind of joke? she said. No, your highness. I am telling you the truth. You are the daughter of the most powerful man in outer space. For some reason, he wanted you to live a normal life and be like anyone else, that is why he brought you to this planet. With all due respect Madame, but I believe that your life is in trouble. You see, the alien Gringott, wants to rule the world. And in so doing, he has to get rid of the royal family. You are considered to be the most powerful lady in the entire universe and you would be a threat to the other aliens.

In order for them to acquire your inner power, they have to kill you first. And that is what every evil alien wants to do. I am here to be of service to you Madame, and be your greatest protector. Soon, a handsome young individual came into the picture. Tasha was surprised to see that her childhood buddy, Charlie, was behind the cloak. As soon as this was revealed, three young teenagers started flying towards their direction. Tasha noticed the guys to be from the senior class in their school. They ran as fast as they could, when Tasha felt that she was floating.

When she looked down, she noticed that she was flying ten feet above the ground at extreme speed. She ran as fast as she could when she suddenly heard Charlie looking for her. She looked around, but he was nowhere to be found. She found herself tracking Charlie, and in an instant her senses dictated where she would go. Charlie explained everything to her, and went on to see more than what was in store for her. As she went home, her parents did not seem to be surprised with what happened to Tasha. This was also the first time that Charlie came face to face with her parents.

Normally, Charlie would leave before her parents would arrive which Tasha did not take seriously. In front of the Royal family of Arkin, Charlie bowed down. He was commended by Tashas parents for taking good care of her. Tasha was then led to their so-called basement. Her father led her to enter the washing machine after her. She was hesitant at first, yet saw a control center on the other side. As she entered the hidden room, Tasha could not believe her eyes. There were numerous creatures inside their washing machine.

Some were practicing as if going in combat, while there were those others who monitored what was happening in space. Numerous highly technologized gadgets were also found everywhere, with a a phone that could call any planet in the universe. It was in this room that Tasha found out what her real identity was. Tashas father, the King, explained that behind her almost perfect features hid the most powerful being in the universe. This was the explanation why she never had any difficulty with school or anything else she did. However, she had this extraordinary power waiting to be revealed.

Her father also explained that one of the powers she possessed was similar to that of the suns solar flair. These powers were easily controlled, and will help Tasha to save the earth and the whole universe. In so doing, she also had to battle with her aunt, Princess Lumina, who was frustrated that she was not named as heir to her brothers throne. To get her revenge, she gathered some of the most powerful aliens in the universe and form an army that would do everything they can to kill Tashas family. Tasha was surprised to hear such words come from her fathers own mouth.

How could she possibly battle with an aunt she never met? Her fathers words were simple, Tasha, remember how I told you to do things from your heart? That would be the answer to your queries. These words caused Tasha a great deal of confusion. Tasha spent the next four weeks in the hidden control center with Charlie and her parents preparing for the great battle ahead of her. Soon after, she realized that she had missed so much from school already, and that the neighbors might be worried with what happened to their whole family. Upon hearing Tashas worries, everyone smiled and allowed Tasha to wallow in her emotions.

When Tasha went back to her real world she was surprised to see that she had only been gone for four hours. It was as if time stopped for her. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She hurried towards the door and was surprised to see a beautiful individual outside the door. The lady looked like and older version of her, with a more mature tone and stature. Hello, you must be Tasha. How are you doing? Tasha was surprised when the lady hugged her and said nothing. Wont you let me in? I am your fathers favorite sister, Aunt Lumina.

With those words, Tasha found her heart pound greatly. This was the aunt her father and the others were warning her about. Tasha let her in, with such hesitation. Upon closing the door, a light shone over Princess Lumina and her clothes were changed. Soon after, the room was filled with numerous aliens all with their weapons facing Tasha. You are the very reason why I cannot rule the world, dear niece. I guess what your father did not anticipate was the fact that I could visit you anytime. You are helpless, with no reason to live, Tashas aunt said, afterwhich Lumina slapped her.

Tasha fell to the ground and saw that she was bleeding. The impact of her aunts slap was great making Tasha feel sore all over her body. You are a helpless child. I pity you, for you do not know the great deal of impact that simple slap would have on your life. Soon after, you would suffer until your death, Lumina said. With these words, Tasha ran towards her aunt and hugged her. Weak and fighting for her life, Tasha only uttered a few words, Aunt Lumina, there is one thing that I have that you do not have, and she flared like the sun killig every creature around them.

Then Tasha finished her sentence, I would do anything to protect the people I love. You did it, Tash. You were able to figure it out on your own. This was the one thing that your aunt would never understand, her father said. And soon after, they hugged each other and everything was back to normal. As for Charlie, he was no longer Tashas long time buddy. He became Tashas one and only knight in shining armor. And so they lived a life of unconditional bliss until their last breath.

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