Understanding Culture and Multicultural Education Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Culture has no standard definition but rather various definitions are existent depending on its usage. One of the many definitions of culture is that it is a system of collective ideals, behaviors, beliefs, values, and artifacts among members of a society which is passed from one generation to another. This system is utilized in the interaction of the members of a society with each other and to the rest of the world.

Culture is transmitted to the younger generation through inculcation of the components of the system to the young based on what they observe in the society or group that they belong(Hanley ). Another definition of culture is that it is a process of molding the moral and intellectual faculties through education. It is also defined as a set of values, norms, beliefs, and traditions which is shared by people that belongs to the same group or organization(Culture, 2007). Culture thus is a way of life of a cluster of people.

It is a summation of the acquired behavior of a group of people that separates those who belong to that group from those who do not. The existence of students from various ethnic, racial, cultural, and social-class groups in one education system lead to the emergence of a discipline that aims to solve the differences that goes along with the different backgrounds of students. This discipline is termed as multicultural education and the goal of this is to provide equal educational opportunities to students from different backgrounds.

This system focuses on providing guidance to students in obtaining knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are essential in participating in a pluralistic democratic society. The things that the students will acquire through this type of discipline will enable them to interact, communicate, and negotiate effectively among people from different walks of life so that a moral and civic community that will thrive for a common good will be established(Laboratory, 2004). Multicultural education enables the students to learn and appreciate the similarities and differences of other students culture from their own.

The materials which are utilize in multicultural education portrays the various groups realistically using not only the perspective from the person belonging to that group but perspectives of people who view a specific culture from different angles. Through this educational discipline the students are taught to value their own culture without degrading the culture of others. It promotes the acceptance of the flaws and positive attributes of ones own culture as well as the realization that other cultures exists aside from ones own(Multicultural Education, 2003).

In multicultural education, all students are given equality in attaining the highest levels of education through implementing school policies, practices, and organization that supports this endeavor. Issues about sexism, racism, linguicism, ablism, classism, intolerance to other religions, heterosexism, and ageism are among the primary issues that are directly addressed in an institution that promotes multicultural education. The students will be able to work and interact with other students despite these issues that some of them are involved(Multicultural Education, 2003).

In this education system the ethnic minority are not considered inferior to others. The people of color for example whom were victims of the then racists society are given equal rights to have proper education like the other students. The structure of the schools with multicultural education is reformed into a non-discriminating institution. The African American students fro example is not only taught about the history of their race but about others as well like the Asian Americans and Latino Americans. The interlinking between the races are taught to the students without bias to the white peoples history(Hanley ).

Multicultural education serves as a medium for equality and social justice. It promotes not only a single culture but all the cultures of the world. Task C I already have preconceptions about the diversity in culture but my idea is somewhat generalized. I was not able to define what these differences were. Yes, I know that differences and biases exist; and these cause problems in the students process of obtaining knowledge. I did not know that the differences in culture encompass values, norms, beliefs, traditions, and language which I have researched.

To solve the differences among students I was able to generate an idea that a multifaceted system can be implemented, and I did not know that there is a multicultural education that I capable of overcoming the differences among the students of different backgrounds. I also did not know that multicultural education has been advocated by various institutions already. My research made me aware that cultural differences and bias exist but a certain discipline which is in the form of multicultural education can be implemented to settle these differences among students.

The research made me realize that culture is inculcated and passed through the latter generations by way of living. Thus if the education system promotes equality among these various cultures then students will be able to perceive that equality is a component of their cultures. The differences in language, religion, tradition, and beliefs would not matter to the students if the educators will provide an environment wherein all of these do not matter and only the desire to obtain knowledge is important. Students of various backgrounds can interact and coexist in their quest for knowledge in a harmonious way.

My newly acquired understanding will help me teach in a manner that promotes the equality among my students that are from diverse cultures. I will promote the understanding of each others culture among my students. The activities that I will incorporate in my classes will serve as a medium for the learning and appreciation of the knowledge of other students culture aside from their own. Diversity in culture is inevitable but the quest for knowledge is the same in all the students so they deserve to have equal treatment.


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