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Published: 2020-02-12 01:00:10
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ACCIDENTSAll accidents and injuries must be reported to reception where an accident form can be filled in and depending on severity of injury reported to HSEWhen an accident occurs report to teacher whom can then get a first aider depending on the injury. A severe injury must be reported to the head after ringing 999. General cuts and abrasions can be cleaned with water. Bumps and knocks to the head can be monitored for concussion. Whatever the situation stay calm so distress is not caused to others. Inform parents or carers or next of kin.

| ILLNESSReport illness to the tutor, so relevant people can be informed such as carers or parents. Monitor studentsDo they look pale, flushed, have a rash, are they lethargic, quiet or more irritable than normal. ILLNESS OUT OF COLLEGEStudents are asked to ring in and let college staff know they are ill and not attending lessons, so tutors are aware01924 303332| EMERGENCY RESPONSEWHAT TO DO IN AN EMERGENCY| FIRESKnow your fire drillLeave your classroom and head to nearest fire exit. (These are marked on the floor plan of the college, attached. )Make sure all learners leave quickly and orderly.

Leave all personal belongings behind. Check toilets and classrooms for any remaining learners. Go to your designated assembly point and await the register. Make sure everyone is okIn the event of a fire raise the alarm do not attempt to extinguish fireRing the fire bell and ring 999| ABUSEIf abuse is suspected or a discloser reportedACTInform your tutor or designated officerAnne-Marie-Spencer01924 303332OUT OF OFFICE HOURSPlease contact Social Care Direct for advice08458503503(24hr)See attached sheet| MISSING LEARNERIf a student is feared missing, firstly inform the class tutor.

Try phoning the studentThen do a search of the building and grounds. If they cannot be found then the police and college coordinators should be informed. Next the parents or carers of the student. SECURITYAll visitors must sign inAt the beginning of each class a register should be taken. If an unknown person is in the building report them immediately to reception staff. Any suspicious bags or packages to be reported to reception. |

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