Urban Cultural Policy: The Case of Liverpool Essay

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Liverpool is one of the most populous cities in England. It has been known as a cultural center worldwide. By the year 2003, Liverpool has been called the European Capital of Culture 2008. The city has became famous for its heritage, maritime, architecture, arts, and most especially, for its rich music. Its title would serve as Liverpools introduction to the global map as a premier European city (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,). The Liverpool City Council set up an organisation that would be in charge of the culture programme until 2008 and beyond.

This organisation is called the Liverpool Culture Company. This company works hand in hand with some cultural organizations, artists, schools, and industries in the city. Their goal is to bequeath a long-lasting and affirmative legacy to Liverpools people. (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,). The Programme In the process of making Liverpool the European Capital of Culture in 2008, each year during the process has different themes. The themes purpose is to emphasize and give new light to the different facets of exceptional culture of the city (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,).

In 2004, the theme was Faith in One City. This programme brought together the religious and non-religious communities in the opening of the year in Liverpools Anglican Cathedral. They expressed fervently their faith and friendship in this event. Even though they came from different religious beliefs, they were able to show their unity in Faith in One City. Also, a life-size ship was set sailed. This is the interactive ship called Friend Ship which visited primary schools. This was for the purpose of empowering children to argue matters about lenience and diversity.

The highlight of the Faith in One City 2004 was the legacy left in Metropolitan Cathedral, wherein the organisers featured songs, dance, poetry, and films (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,). The theme of 2005 highlighted the maritime legacy in the city. The years theme was called Sea Liverpool. It was a year-long activity that commemorates the maritime legacies. These legacies are the River Mersey and the Pier Head. This theme of the year let the other cities of the country to join the celebration of Liverpool on its journey to be a first class European city.

In this year, tourists and spectators saw the new number of success that the city has experienced. In additional, Sea Liverpool highlighted the annual celebration of Mersey River Festival. (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,). Liverpool Performs 2006 was the theme for the year that followed. It was all about the performance of Liverpool in arts, business, and sport. The new generation of the city has been looking at the revival of activity in all three fields. As the city is heading for 2008, Liverpool has been experiencing remarkable changes at a rapid pace. This event was enlivening and disrupting at the same time.

The programme City in Transition, which was a part of the Liverpool Performs, featured talks, exhibitions, debates, and local/international performances. These were all about arts, architecture, and other aspects where cities have evolved. Liverpool Biennial has also been a part of the Liverpool Performs. It is the largest festival of visual art of the present day. It is a 10-week experience of artworks of so many artists worldwide. Their artworks were displayed in 40 different areas (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,). In year 2007, Liverpool is celebrating its 800th birthday.

This is why 2007 is themed Liverpools 800th. It is a year long celebration of eight centuries of significant legacies and heritage. The holiday August Bank weekend will be staging the grandest birthday party of Liverpool. Furthermore, more than 800 people will be participating in the birthday pageant of the city. This would emphasize the diversity of the city. There would be also performances in street theatre by 250 participants. This celebration would be a glimpse to Liverpools past and a look forward to the near future of becoming the European Capital of Culture 2008 (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,).

The year 2008 would bring Liverpool a rich and magnificent cultural presentations and community activities for its people. The programme of Liverpool in 2008 would be the most varied cultural celebration that would be participated by 50 or more global festivities (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,). According to the official site of The City of Liverpool, 2008 highlights would include: ¢ The return of Sir Simon Rattle to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and his home town of Liverpool

¢ The finish of the 2007/2008 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race at Albert Dock ¢ The start of the 2008 Tall Ships Race when Liverpool will welcome one million people to witness this spectacular sight ¢ Liverpool legends, from Mathew Street Music Festival, Europes largest annual free city centre music festival, the Mersey River Festival and the Grand National festival, to Brouhaha, the Lantern Parade and Chinese New Year, will continue, but like everything in 2008 will be bigger and better than ever before (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,).

Event Planning A certain organization is coordinated when planning an event in Liverpool. This is the Safety Advisory Group or SAG who are to be notified of the event. In planning an event, there are eight steps to be followed. First step is to appoint an event manager, who will be in charge; at the same time, conduct a feasibility study to identify the place, date, and purpose of the event. Second step is to ask permission to the landowner of the chosen location of the event or the programme.

Thirdly, have a joint planning meeting with different agencies like Fire service, Police, Ambulance service, etc. that might play important roles in the event. Next step is to sketch an event plan and then if needed, apply for a license. Fifth step is to publicize your event and get feedbacks. And then, the plan of the event should be presented to SAG. License would then be granted if there are no objections for the authorities. After having the license, the event plan can be finalized (Event Planning Guide, 2006). Cultural Position

In the programme of Liverpool in its way to be a European Capital of Culture, it can be observed that high culture is being promoted since citys arts and legacies are mostly emphasized. The programme has no exclusive audience meaning that it is open for everybody regardless of age, gender, religion, and social status as one of its aims is to practice unity. The events of the programme are for cultural promotion purposes only and not for income generation or fund-raising purposes. In my opinion, Liverpools culture is promoted rightly in a sense that they covered each facet of their culture.

However, in humanitarian angle, people of Liverpool might be working too hard that their health would be taken for granted. Somehow, it is true that their activities are exhilarating and disruptive at the same time (Liverpool: European Capital of Culture,).


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