Various Patterns of Ethnical Interaction Essay

Published: 2020-02-07 08:21:01
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The various patterns of ethnic interaction include annihilation, assimilation, pluralism, and expulsion. These patterns basically show how people from different races or cultures interact among each other. Assimilation is a process in which members of other races and ethnicities, such as immigrants, integrate themselves and adapt to the culture of another, usually larger community. In short, it is a process wherein a particular ethnicity is absorbed into another culture, group, or ethnicity.

However, as the group incorporates itself into the other culture, it loses its inherent characteristics such as language, traditions, and customs, among others. For example, a certain Chinese individual migrates to American. After staying the US for a long time, this Chinese person loses his national traits such as being conservative and being superstitious and then adapts to the American culture which is more liberal. Pluralism on the other hand, is a state wherein there is no dominant culture, ethnicity, or group in a society.

In other words, it is a society which has multiple cultures that are accepted and have their own identities. Possibly the best example of pluralism is America since at present, it is composed of different races who have retained their inherent characteristics. Moreover, expulsion is a pattern of interaction in which a certain race or culture banishes or outcasts a certain member, who is usually from a different culture, from their group.

For example, if a certain immigrant is found to have been causing trouble in a certain community or society, its members can choose to banish him or her from their group or totally ignore his or her presence. Finally, annihilation is the total destruction or decimation of a certain race or ethnicity in a society. This pattern may or may not involve violence. For example, in a society, two different races such as the Israelis and the Palestinians, fail to co-exist with one another. As a result, they resort to violent means in an attempt to wipe out each other.

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