Violation of Human Rights Essay

Published: 2019-12-09 09:41:00
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Throughout the history of mankind humans have done many great things, such as land on the moon and connect the world through technology. But we have done many terrible things as well, like forcing people into slavery and being apart of unjust genocides. In this essay I will give the rader my view of what violation of human rights is and why it is wrong and unethical. I will give examples from throughout history that demonstrated violation of humann rights, such as genocides, slavery, unequality, and unethical medical treatments. While mankind has made many advancements towards progression, it has a long and dark history of violating human rights to get there.

Human rights entail being able to live, pursue happines, and reciving equality. to infringe on any of these is violating human rights, which morallly wrong and politicaly unjust. Genocide is the mass extermination of a specific type of organism. In World War 2 an ongoing problem was the genocide of European and Aisan people. In Germany and throughout Western Europe Adolf Hitler was responsible for the deaths of over 6 million Jewish people. There justification for this was that the Jews were to blame for Germanys fall from greatness. After World War 1 Germany lost its right to build an army and inevitably was blamed for the war, which they also had to pay for and led them to go in debt. It was those reasons why Germany chose to blame the Jews. In Asia over 13 million Chinese people were killed for unjust reasons. the human right of life was denied in this example.

Since the begining of the United States Of America to the end of the Civil War, slavery has been one of the biggest factors to Americas past. The definition of slavery is stripping something of any and all rights. forcing another humanbeing into slavery is a clear violation of human rights. Slavery was used in America for prejudice and economic gains. Slaves were used for various reason such as planting the crops or being nannies to the children. slave were brought over from Africa to be sold in the markets. Although most of america at that time was for slavery, some people were actually against it. Thus leading slavery to become an underlying factor in the Civil War.

Their are bizare medical pracitices such as blood letting and drinking snake oil. But there are also medical practices that deny human beings of life, such as providing insufficient health care and stealing. Henrietta Lacks was robbed by Johns Hopkins and in turn the World. Her cells were taken without her permission and shipped around the world. By doing that Dr.Gey had denied Henrietta Lacks the chance to live. With the money gained from the use of HeLa cells Ms.Lacks might have had more money to afford top line health care.

While mankind has made many advancements towards progression, it has a long and dark history of violating human rights to get there. In World War 2 to get rid of the bad fortune the decision was to kill the Jews and Chinese. In the United States of America slavery was used for prejudice and economic gain. In Henrietta Lacks case she was robbed of her body and inevitably life. In all of these cases human rights were violated in order to achieve some type of goal.

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