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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Perception is defined as, The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. To understand our world, we are at the mercy of our 5 senses. We do not have any idea what truth is outside of the those 5 senses. Everything we see is subjective and truth is no where to be found in our current state. What is outside of us? A different quality than we know, one of complete love and giving, while we are in the quality of complete reception and self love. There is a method for everyone to exit this quality and know the truth of what exists outside of our limited senses.

Each person perceives the world in a different way from each other. Therefore, we cannot know whether what we know is actually the truth. Every individual comes from a different background, a different part of the world, different religions, and therefore the way they perceive things will be completely different. Culture plays a big role. If you were witnessing a mugging in New York City for instance, the likelihood that someone would have a positive response is more likely than a positive response you would see in a large city in China (Shanghai, Beijing, etc. , but maybe also less of a positive response that you would receive if you were in Stockholm, Sweden.

In New York, people know that muggings can be an often occurrence, therefore when they see one happening, they may not be very surprised. In China people may be very surprised to see something like a mugging, but they most often do not intervene. This is for fear of safety, but more so fear of blame, and because they do not owe the victim anything the continue on their marry ways. For me, I know that if I was witnessing a mugging, I most likely could not intervene.

This is because, proportionally, I know that I would do more damage than good. That still does not mean that I couldnt have an immediate response. I could call the police. call a hospital (if the mugging was over and the victim needed medical attention), I could even call my dad to come and help if he were near by. The point is that you shouldnt do what is expected. You should be the one person that everyone else is thinking will step forward and help. We could even look at the topic of abortion. Some say it is right while others say it is wrong. With so much conflict about the topic, how are we to know what the truth is?

Are the ones who say it is wrong, right? Or are the ones who say it is right, right? It has been scientifically proven that after the foetus is a month old, it is able to feel the pain. A month is the time approximately taken for a pregnancy to be detected. Therefore, the foetus will be in pain when the abortion takes place. What position or role do we have to decide the fate of some ones life? My faith tells me abortion is wrong. If there is a serious problem then the baby can later be given up for adoption. This, however, is my view point, my perception.

There is, thus, no solid proof that what I am saying is correct. I base my perception of abortion on my religion Islam. However, there will be others arguing that there is nothing wrong with the whole idea. They most probably base their perception on their instinct. Their instinct tells them it is right. So there is no strong base supporting the idea. Our perception, therefore, is difficult to be trusted. Another way of looking at perception is looking at an object. We look at a table. Each person will see it from a different angle, the lighting will be different, the position will be different.

The person standing in one spot will see it differently, while the other would see it differently. How are we to to tell what the object actually looks like? Our sight tells us what we see, but each persons eyes tell them a different story. Which story should we believe? We do know that what we say is a table and believe it but how do we know that we believe is right? Therefore, it will be very difficult to know anything at all. Emotion is also perception. A person can be cynical his whole life, look at the world in the most negative way possible and feel that everything that occurs is gong against him.

This is his perception of the world. Another, would look at the world positively whilst facing the same conditions as the person with a negative outlook. It is their perception. A classic example would be the half full/half empty glass of water. Each person will look at it in a different way. We can look at the boy who looked without eyes. The boy lost his eyesight and by the help of sound bouncing off objects, made his way around. There was not a single moment where he would feel sorry for himself. He believed he could see, he did not lose hope.

Most people, we would believe, would lose all hope and not try to restart their lives. It is just a form of perception. Therefore, his perception is doing him good. It keeps him alive. He is able to see the world through his ears. He knows the world is a good place because that is the way he perceives it. Whether it is true or not is another question. Perception is what we believe. We need to understand the world. It is therefore a way of us making sense of what is around us. We have to rely on it or we would not understand anything at all. Its validity is not very good, but, it keeps each human being going.

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