We live in a Fictitious World Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Fiction can engulf a persons mind completely. People, young and old, from across the glove, have touched the world of fiction ever since the first bedtime story they read about giant beanstalks, chariots made from pumpkins and Prince Charmings magical kiss with Snow White. When they turn over the last leaves of their pages and close the beautifully printed covers, they lock the doors to the land of fiction and turn back to reality; back to their living and competing for their survival in the real world.

However, it has occurred to me that reality may not be as real as we think it is. We live in a world where the truth that makes up reality has been hidden from us behind a closed set of curtains, only waiting for us to open those curtains and see if the sun is really shining on the other side of the window. We live in a fictitious world, protested Michael Moore, who tried to open our eyes to the reality of the current war on Iraq during the Academy Awards.

Ever since the existence of nations, governments have always transformed reality into fiction. They distort influential information, exaggerate needless facts, hide some important information and destroy the rest in order to control our ways of thinking for their benefits. No one knows whether or not UFOs exist, or what type of destructive power our governments or neighbouring governments have due to the classifying of documents, tapes and all possible evidence.

No one knows what really happened in Kennedys assassination or Princess Dianas accident, as governments may have hidden any results of those investigations completely. Is SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) a natural cause or an accident of a top secret military laboratory? During the reign of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, the outside world had no knowledge that people were suffering, until after their ruling governments collapsed and government secrets could no longer be kept from civilians.

Civilians who had knowledge were silence and often executed in order to maintain the secrecy. It is clear that people live through fiction created by governments and their tyrannous leaders. The question is: If secrets were kept then and secrets are kept now, is it possible that we live in a completely fictitious world, controlled by some mysterious figure sitting.

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