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Published: 2020-02-24 18:00:02
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Another type of media that is currently being used by blogs is the tumbleblogs that have shorted posts and mixed media types. The other forms of media currently existing in blogs are called artlogs that is practically a form of blog that shares art and publishes it over the internet. The second point for consideration is the blogs genres. Some blogs are more focused on a specific type of subject such as blogs focused on the environment, travel, politics, nature, academic work, technology, etc. Each blog naturally has a specific genre that it revolves around.

In the case for education, educational blogs focus on a particular topic or issue for the students or the researchers. This helps in narrowing down the topic field at the same time helps the users in being able to have a more focused blog where they can extrapolate vital information and not be flooded with unnecessary information that would not be useful to the students and researchers (Kline & Burstein, 2005). Blogs can be classified as legal or rather private, or it can be public. The difference between the two is accessibility.

In the case for private blogs, these blogs are used internally within organizations or within groups. One trait for this kind of blog is its restriction on accessibility. Public blogs offer free and unrestricted access to most if not all users in the web. They are given the opportunity to download, upload and communicate information using these blogs. Both blogs have been used in education as a means in order to distribute effectively information within the personnel of institutions (Hinchcliffe, 2006).

In case for private blogs, educational institutions utilize these kind of blogs within their intranet infrastructure whereas public blogs are used for providing free and unrestricted education to those that do not have accessibility or the opportunity to access that kind of education (Kline & Burstein, 2005). A considerable number of blogs are used also as search engines in order to find and identify specific items within the internet. These web 2.

0 applications are used in order to tag and categorize specific blog postings and information within the community or within the internet and flag them to the user. Lastly, blogs are used as a means of being able to communicate between people and organizations across distances. Blogs have the capacity to load directories, profiles and information of specific organizations or communities and can be accessed (depending on the restrictions imposed within the site) by the people using it.

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