What activities and hobbies do you pursue outside of work? Essay

Published: 2020-01-22 16:01:00
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Everybody needs to relax and unwind after a hard days work, and I am no exception. What I love to do when I am not working are: playing the piano, spending time with my dogs, and traveling to see the world. I have been playing the piano for more than ten years now; I enjoy playing the piano because it helps me relax and reduce my stress, and most importantly, it gives me a sense of peace. It used to be that I even refused to learn how to play the piano. I was four years old when my mother signed me up for piano lessons. At that time in Taiwan, everybody believed that learning to play the piano will instill politeness and grace in a child.

Being so young, I could not immediately understand what my instructor was teaching me, and I had no patience to learn it. But my mother was determined; she accompanied me to my classes and encouraged me to learn to play the piano. Little by little, I started to enjoy playing the piano, and then I started to love playing the piano. I love the sound and melody it brings; I loved it so much that I can play a wide variety of songs, including jazz and fashion music, even songs whose music sheets I have only seen for the first time.

Now that I am all grown up, whenever I feel tired, confused or unhappy, I always go to my piano and play. Aside from playing the piano, I also like going outside to play with my dogs. I have two Pomeranian, Poka and Yogert. I make it a point to take them to the mountain or the park every two weeks. Seeing them play and run about, even racing against each other, makes me feel relaxed and happy. My dogs make me really happy, and I cannot stand not seeing them even just for a day. I cannot believe that I used to be afraid of dogs until I was 21.

I used to think they were terrible, since I used to think that any living thing other than humans that has temperature is terrible. But now everything has changed and I believe that we need to experience something before we can really know what it is like. However, what I would really like to do which would give me a lot of happiness is to go all over the world. I wish that in my leisure time I can go abroad and visit foreign places, at least once a year. I am very lucky because my mother took me and my sister to many countries starting when I was seven years old.

She believed that going to other countries will expand our horizons and familiarize us with different cultures. I remember the first country she took us to was South Africa. Even though I was young then, I can still remember so many things about that place, such as riding an ostrich. I enjoyed studying geography, and I imagine the beautiful sceneries I read in books, like the Pyramids in Egypt, the Yellow Stone in America, the Niagara Falls in Canada¦ I want to be able to go to all these places and see these wonders with my very own eyes.

I believe that traveling broadens our horizons better than reading, because we get to experience the beauty of our surroundings as it is, we can touch and feel it and not just imagine it. Of course, I do not have the luxury to travel, nor much to even just go outside. I only get some free time after work, and then when I am not so tired and I can spare some time, I content myself with reading interesting books, like novels and investment books. I wish I could travel more, but right now I think I am doing a good job of balancing my time between work and leisure as it is.

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