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Published: 2020-01-17 00:22:16
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Only a few decades ago, it is hard to witness drinkers, especially teenagers and women, around roads and meetings. However, these days, we can see easily drinkers around us. It means alcohol problem consistently has become serious. According to several surveys, scores of mid-economy class Australians are drinking at critical condition and winding up in accident and emergency with alcohol-related problems; besides, in large part invisible group of professional Australians who are drinking exceedingly, causing indescribable suffering to themselves and others.

In this essay, I will discuss why drinking culture prevalent in Australia, the effects alcoholism and solutions. In this circumstance that is spreading drinking culture, I think, the hazard of alcohol problems cannot be overemphasized. Firstly, the most noticeable and prompt effects of alcohol are on the brain. Astonishingly, our brain are felt within about five minutes of alcohol being taken in; therefore, we experience drowsiness, poor coordination, slower reaction times and nausea and vomiting.

Next, our body also experience several symptoms which are internal organ dehydrated after and with a headache, diarrheal, severe pain and a highly unpleasant, irregular heart rhythms, cardiac failure, variety of mental and health problems. If you not reduce drinking, and consistently drink, you can get cancer; cirrhosis to the liver; heart disease and stroke; cognitive problems and dementia. In addition, some groups of people are much more vulnerable to alcohol.

They include women, unborn children, children and adolescents, older people, people who take medication of drugs and people experiencing the flushing response (Justin, 2011, p11-12) Even though it follows bad effects, why people do not reduce drinking? There are some reasons. First, drinking has become normative. It means that whether its occasions, drinking is following; for instance, a school activity, a sport event, hanging around friends or just a Barbie in the park.

if you dont drink on these situations, people ask you whats wrong with you. Second reason is peoples recognition. Drinkers dont think they have an alcohol problem as all their friend drink like them. The last reason is effects from mess media. As a technological develops, we can easily meet a lot of advertisements from television, internet, newspaper, smart phones and electronic devices. (Medew, 2013), (Cooper, 2013) Then, we discovered reasons; as a result, we can prepare and reduce alcohol problems.

To begin with, communities can build rehabilitation canter. Through this, they can run periodic rehabilitation treatment programs and they can also make pamphlet and brochure to reduce drinking methods. Not only them, they can also hold campaigns and events that alcohol problem is not individual problem anymore but community and countrys problem. So they have to steadily arouse peoples attention. Moreover, the government has to re-establish the tax law to increasing. And they also regulate excessive advertisements on mess media.

(Cooper, 2013) To sum up, drinking affects on our body badly in terms of mental and physical. Although these effects, reasons why alcohol culture so prevalent in Australia are that surrenders and situations, recognition and advertisements on mess media while solutions are rehabilitation centre, policy and regulation. As mentions above, alcohol problem is not individual problem anymore but it is a community and countrys problem. Therefore, if these possible solutions are keeping, it will reduce drinking problems.

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