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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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First person I interviewed on the concept of happiness is my friend, Ronnie Topete. Hes a great guy that Ive met recently. Hes Native American and Latin by heritage and a very interesting individual to have discussions with. The last interview was Lori Michelle Thebarge, my 3rd oldest sister. Shes been one of my best friends as well. Shes a lot like myself, but when it comes to the small things, shes ignorant. The interview with Ronnie, or Soaring Eagle, took on Aristotles way of thinking in The Nicomachean Ethics, stating that things that make life good is one that is valued for its own sake, and if its reached, nothing else is desired. I heard him speak lovingly of his girlfriend, Aurora. (Janaro, 2012) To Ronnie, Aurora, is the highest or final good for himself. He defined happiness as being married to the perfect person (Aurora), having kids with that person, and hearing those children laugh and giggle.

He reached this point of view since meeting her. I was told that nothing was going his way, and that when he met her, things started to fall into place. So in her own way, she put things into perspective for him. She became his rock and his foundation. So in other words, she is his source of happiness. Since she was his happiness, he had achieved happiness. He grew increasingly happy since meeting Aurora. His views began to change, and his only cheer wasnt in his material goods anymore. It was a human being. Aurora changed his outlook on life, increasing his joy and laughter, therefore making him happy. When I asked the question, How would you assess happiness? the conversation turned a little hedonistic. He was overcome with the pleasure of talking about nothing of Aurora; she consumed his every thought, feeling, need, etc. She was the only topic he brought up period. Conditions favoring happiness was once again his girlfriend Aurora.

She was his love and laughter. His experiences were purely selfless at first. He mentioned giving blood and saving a life because of it, hearing childrens laughter while playing, and couples cuddling under trees. These experiences made him want all of what he was hearing and seeing causing a longing within himself. He began to take on a hedonistic longing for those things. (Janaro, 2012) Ronnie said his definition of love would not change because he had reached fulfillment with Aurora. Only ones heart will know if they are truly happy. If happiness isnt promoted, we have nothing but sadness left. When you see others being happy, you crave it as well, taking on a hedonistic view once again. Overall, he was a sincere individual, and is crazy in love with Aurora. (Topete, 2012) Lori Michelle Thebarge is my sister and she thinks similar to I. Happiness in her own words was feeing contentment in her surroundings and personal life. Its a feeling of at peace with you. When she responded on how she reached her view of happiness, she mentioned avoiding years of discontent again.

Overcoming it, keeping herself away from it, and slowly she got herself out of that routine. Happiness is achieved here by combating pain mentioned in the epicurean outlook on life. Her view was more epicurean while Ronnies was centered around Aurora, taking on a hedonistic view. (Janaro, 2012) Achieving happiness was something she had to work on in general. Once she learned what made her happy, she cut out all of the negatives and nurtured the good. Ronnie said he achieved his happiness when he found Aurora. Both interviewees happiness changed over time. Both took an active role in their life and got more control thus making then happier. Lori Michelle was the happiest having knowledge of making others happy. Lori Michelle didnt quite know how to assess happiness, but she thought maybe it dealt with material goods or validation from others. We get temporary fixes, but never everlasting happiness that we crave. Ronnies respond was of pleasure in finding Aurora.

He also spoke of Aurora as his condition of happiness while Lori Michelle said it was just an open heart and a clear mind. You have to be open to both in order to experience happiness. While Ronnies experiences made him hedonistically crave happiness, Lori Michelles was over past heartache. When she realized she was worthy of love again, she opened her heart and found her husband, Mike Thebarge. Ronnie said his definition wouldnt change because he had found Aurora, but Lori Michelle said hers would. You have to keep evolving as a person to evolve as a mate and parent. How can you teach your children to be responsible, if you do not teach them the fundamentals of change? She also said that happiness cannot be raised or measured, but Ronnie said it could.

Lori Michelle stated that we cannot specify the things that constitute well-being. If we tried, the measuring would be misleading no matter how well we try to do it. As for promoting happiness, she said generally not, but personally yes. Its possible if you know the people you are trying to promote it to. If you do not, it ends in failure because you do not know what makes them happy. Ronnie disagreed with this stating if its not promoted or encouraged, all thats left is unhappiness. You need to promote to see other happy and then it would spread outward from there. (Thebarge, 2012) Each person had thoughtful ideas and opinions. They ranged in ages, where Lori Michelle Thebarge was 41 and Ronnie Topete was only 31. He was male and she was female. I think their ages, sexes, and experiences influenced their decisions on these questions and that in doing these interviews, they might have better insight on their lives as well. This project was rewarding and such a great experience for me as well. Its astounding what constitutes happiness to others.

Janaro, R. &. (2012). The Art of Being Human: The humanities as a technique for living (3rd additon). New York, N.Y.: Pearson Education. Thebarge, L. M. (2012, December 3). What happiness Means to Others. (S. F. Reeves, Interviewer) Topete, R. (2012, December 3). What Happiness Means to Others. (S. F. Reeves, Interviewer)

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