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Published: 2020-02-24 16:42:38
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The Gospel of Mark is the second book of the New Testament. The book, shortest of the four Gospels, was probably written by Saint Mark himself. Most scholars believe it was the first Gospel to be written and was the basis for both Matthew and Luke. According to Papias, a second- century bishop, the author of Mark drew largely from the reminiscence of Peter, but it is now assumed that he used other sources as well, both written and oral. He probably wrote in Rome, about 67 A. D. Many scholars believe that Peters death, presumedly in 64 A. D.

, motivated Mark to record what had been told by Peter. The Gospel of Mark was written in colloquial Greek, in a vigorous, dramatic style. It presents Jesus Christ as a man of action and power who performed miracle and other mighty deeds, a human being and yet the Son of God. Mark says nothing about the birth and boyhood of Jesus. The Gospel has three divisions. The first (1:1-8:26) begins with the preaching of John the Baptist and his Baptism of Jesus, reports many parables and miracles, and tells of conflicts with the religious leaders.

The second section (8:27- 10:45) stresses the coming crucifixion. The third section (10: 46- 16:8) tells of the final week in Jerusalem and relates the story of the Crucifixion of Jesus and His Resurrection. Many scholars believe that the end of the Gospel (16: 9-20) was not a part of the original writing, since these verses are not found in some early manuscripts. Discuss Marks Christology. The Nature of Jesus as shown and written in Mark tells and exposes that He is a miracle worker, a healer, and physician.

A Saviour, crucified because of the peoples sin. Even if the people around Him condemned Him, He still remained loving, helpful and faithful to the. Jesus has done so many miracles during His life in this Earth. There were hundreds of miracles which served as an eye opener for those people who do not believe in Him. Through those miracles, their spiritual eyes were opened and their ears have heard of the truth that Jesus was the one sent by God to save Humanity and that He deserves all praises and adoration.

The miracles also showed that anything is possible with Jesus. There is nothing in which He cannot do. There is none for He can do and accomplish all things if He wants it to happen. The areas of incidental contact that I think are the most interesting is the fact that the four gospels all talks about Jesus as the Savior, and the Messiah. It includes in it the details of his childhood, the start of his ministry and his death which is the Crucifixion.

It also talks about one common thing and that is the divinity of Jesus, that Jesus being born into this world as a carpenters son has been crucified for our sins. He served as a sacrificial lamb for us all. The four Gospels also tackle the miracles that Jesus did during His ministry. It also emphasizes the importance of faith in order for a man to have his salvation. References: 1. Mark. Holy Bible Contemporary English Version, Global Edition. 2. Youth Bible. Holy Bible Contemporary English Version, Global Edition. Pages 861-871.

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