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Published: 2020-02-26 04:00:22
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The Sun, the tabloid paper that I am studying, has various other information on it. It has a quite a large & noticeable heading saying Free Arnie DVD inside, with a picture of the DVD and Arnie on the front page so that the audience can get a better idea of what to expect. It states that you can get this free DVD in tomorrows edition of another newspaper, News of the World. Also at the end of the Newspaper there is a writing saying that there is a i?? 100M Euro millions rollover, it also says where you can get more information on it.

Overall there is quite a lot of information on this news front, which is informative and appealing at the same time. The same applies to the broadsheet newspaper. There is a variety of information on the page, from international news to national news, and a sports headline that talks about Sven Goran Eriksson suing another newspaper. I think that this is a clever way of getting the public to buy their newspaper, as there is someone that they are familiar with and would like to know any gossip or news about them.

In this broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian there is more information on news and sport rather than promotions and offers that they may have. The only offer that there is is about a free Dune buyers can get in tomorrows paper. How is it set out? The tabloid newspaper is more vivid and dramatic; it has big bold headings all over the page and has many pictures to illustrate what the newspaper will contain.

On the front cover there is more pictures and short catchy phrases to grab the readers attention, rather than lots of squashed up small writing. It is also separated into two different sections one is to do with the promotions and the other section is to do with the main headline. Around these there are small strips of writing ad promotions around the page, so that its visible but not overtaking the main topics on the page. The Guardian is the fairly similar to The Sun it has only one large illustration and a few catchy short sentences.

However it quite a lot of small writing all over the page which makes it less interesting to read and can put the reader off buying the newspaper. It is less appealing than the tabloid newspaper as there is too much information on the front page and few, small pictures. How does this information and setting-out reflect the assumptions being made about the audience? I feel that the broadsheet newspaper is more advanced and highly developed than the tabloid. It has more of a mature standard with its complex vocabulary and strong articles.

The information and setting-out in the broadsheet paper is more of a business class and mature standard than the tabloid. I can imagine people who are on their way to work or are just interested in straightforward facts and news, would read this kind of newspaper. The Guardian goes straight to the facts and uses hardly any pun or humour. Its more of a serious and political front and its purpose is to formally inform, whereas The Sun has more of an entertaining and non- formal purpose.

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