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Published: 2020-02-25 20:42:48
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When we are promoting our product and business while we are at the trade fair in White Rose we will put up posters around the White Rose building and also have members of our business to hand out pamphlets to people who are there. This is to make sure that the shoppers at White Rose are aware of our business as posters can be easily ignored if there are a lot of people about or even deliberately.

White rose also has an indoor radio for the shoppers. We may ask them if they could tell the customers at White Rose about us being there and what we are selling. This will also be promoting the White Rose itself. The market size will be different from that at school because people come from all different locations in and around Leeds to shop at White Rose so we will not know who and where are customers are from. But in order to promote our product and business for the White Rose Centre we could put up posters in school and around where each of us live, like in shop windows, door to door leaflets and lampposts. The posters will tell people that we are at White Rose on a certain date and what we are going to be selling. We will tell our friends and families about the trade fair at White Rose, they will tell their friends and therefore many people will come to see what we are doing.

Our time-scale for the promotion of the White Rose trade fair is getting limited. We have to make sure that all our products are made a week before the trade fair. If some are damaged we will have to make more. The leaflets, posters, lettering and the questionnaires are also to be ready a week before. It will take time to do all these but if every member in the group takes a few candles home to make as well as making some in class, then the product deadline can be easily met. The lettering is something that we have already produced from the last trade fair so these will not need doing. The leaflets might take some time to do, as they will have information about our product and business. The posters and questionnaires are to be simple. These can be done easily.

The budget for our promotional activities wont cost us much as we are going to be printing the leaflets and posters at home. If it does cost us then we will budget for it to cost us no more than 10. Maybe at school it wont cost us anything but if we want eye-catching posters for the White Rose then we will have them made professionally, this will probably be expensive. We are also thinking about having an advert in the Batley News in the week we are going to be at the White Rose. But if the price is more than we have budgeted then we will have to forget about promoting our business and product in the newspaper.

The main resources needed for the promotional activities for our business is access to loads of paper, a computer and printer. Most people in our group have access to all 3 at home so it will not be a problem when making the poster or leaflet. We will use the special offer promotion when we have come to the end of the trading season for our business but we will not use it before then, as this is another way of promoting our business.

The promotional activities that we will use in our business, to promote our product as well as our business do have advantages that are good for our business but also disadvantages which we will need to work on. The advantages and disadvantages for our promotional activities are:In June last year after a lot of group discussions and possible constraints on products that we were going to make, we decided to make candles as our chosen products. We made our first prototypes in July. We had a long candle on a base with flowers round it, a tea light holder with a tea light and a diamond candle on a base as our prototypes.

In September we started making our candles for our first trade fair which was at Granary Warf on the 14th December. We had about 10 weeks to make all the products and the lettering for the trade fair. During this period, we started getting customers wanting to buy our products. We did not want to sell them at the beginning but then we saw that many students from school may not be able to attend the Granary Warf trade fair. We decided to sell some of our candles but we did not tell many people about it, as we did not want to run out of stock for our first trade fair. Our first proper sales were at granary Warf, but we did not do well as we hoped.

In order to sell our products off before Christmas we had a sale in school on Tuesday 17th December in the main hall at lunch. We did quite good and made about 40. We still had some stock left but on January 29th and 30th we had another sale in school. At all these sales we were promoting our business and telling customers where we will be selling next and when. After this we have our last trade fair, which is at the White Rose on Sunday 9th march.

We want to do as well as possible and then hope to have a clearance sale at school to sell everything off, as we will then have stopped trading. To do well we are going to promote our product and business in school and the White Rose as much as we can, telling people where we are selling and when. We are also going to make our product to the best standard as we have 5 weeks to make them along with our promotion materials such as posters, pamphlets and leaflets and questionnaires for the stall. We are spending lesson time, which is 2 hours per week, lunch times and also taking our products home to make.

The resources that are needed for our promotional campaign along with the materials for our products are people, skills, computers and printers, flowers, metal bases, glue gun and glue, long candles, tea light candles, tea light holders, cellophane, acetate, scissors, sellotape, double sided sticky tape, ribbon, iron nails, glitter, sequins, beads, ready made candles, paper and time. All these will help us make our product and also promote our business as fully as we can.

Two examples of the materials that we are going to use as part of our promotional campaign are leaflets and handouts. The posters will be distributed around our school and the White Rose when we are there and the handouts will be given to as many people at the White Rose as we can. We need to make sure that our promotional materials follow the things below. If it doesnt then our promotion campaign will not be that successful.

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