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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Marriage is something very beautiful you get to enjoy the rest of your life with the person yo love and share lots of nice things together, however there are some negative things about getting married and most of them are lack of time, addiction, and money. Work, home, schedules, time spent apart and time spent together are equally important for maintaining a marriage. People that spend time alone without making an effort on spending quality time together puts a lot of stress on a marriage. In a magazine Time Plus Marriage they state that 65% of the couples that do not spend time with each other always have an excuse on why they can not for insistent they had to stay late for work or their friends invited them out.

Most of the couples that get a divorce is because of addiction problem, drugs, alcohol, and gambling all affects marriage. The behavior of an addicted spouse make their life difficult to because they are only worried if he/she would come home safe. According to New York Times most of the accidents and death on the year 2010 has been because of drunk driving or drug uses from their spouse which leaves them traumatized. One of the major reasons why marriage fail is because of the communication about money.

Everyone has financial issues concerning bills, dept, spending, and budgets. Majority of the human being has a problem splitting their expenses individually to make things easier on their end. Those issues can make or break a marriage. Understanding each other and following the simple steps you would have a long lasting marriage. What comes in between is time, addiction, and money majority of the couples do not know how to manage these specific things when married.

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