Why North Korea Should Stop It Nuclear Weapons Program Essay

Published: 2020-02-11 21:00:37
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The U.S. should take a diplomatic approach to stop North Koreas nuclear weapons program. If the U.S. uses the hard-line approach, there is a bigger risk of North Korea attacking the U.S. in revenge and killing thousands of people. The diplomatic approach on the other hand would allow both countries to agree on a solution that can make everyone happy within reason. The U.S. and North Korea have already made an agreement with each other to stop the production of nuclear material to be made and for the U.S. to give economical aid and to give them support for defenses. The hard-line approach that the U.S. plans to use is to invade North Korea and to stop the production of nuclear weapons by force.


If North Korea develops nuclear weapons it could be portrayed as an aggressor country that could go to war with any county that betrays it. A nuclear exchange with North Korea would likely set off more nuclear exchanges. With countries such as China and Russia being allied with North Korea, countries that attack North Korea would get destroyed. If that were to happen, sufficient casualties to millions of people would occur. While having nuclear weapons, the threat of those weapons becoming sold on the black-market or terrorist groups is significantly increased.


¢ The possibility of attacks to the U.S. ¢ Civilian casualties ¢ The threat of a nuclear war ¢ Military hostility ¢ North Korea selling, testing, deploying nuclear weapons

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