Wireless Laptops in the Classroom Essay

Published: 2020-02-15 05:32:49
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Internet has played a major role diminish the gaps between the different parts of the global village. It has affected almost every part of the human life. One of the major sectors that are being affected by this technology is education. It is not only developing the education sector, it is also affecting the students and their rate of understanding the things (David, 1998). Every student has its own capability of understanding. Technological advancements in the classrooms have changed the conventional ways of teaching, making teachers to invent more innovative ideas of teaching to meet the requirements of the students.

While raising the bar for the teachers, it has also helped teachers to teach weak students introducing new methods. Every student has its own capability of learning and teachers follow the learning style according to the requirement of the students. Among the major concerns of the educational institutions the most important are the introduction of the internet and the digital notebook in the classrooms. It is bringing a digital revolution which is taking the education to a greater height. There are two schools of thoughts on this digital revolution which holds major concerns.

One of them support this revolution and have a positive approach towards it (Rachel, 2005). It says that introduction of the digital notebooks and internet in the classroom helps the students and improves the quality of their learning. It provides facts to the sensing learners, concepts and theories to the intuitive learners, visual and verbal aid to the visual and verbal learners, step-wise approaches to sequential learners and over-look approach to the global learners. It provides students a larger platform to learn and interact.

Students are connected to the world through this worldwide web. This web is like a stage where the minds of the students play their role and interact with all other characters on the stage taking each other to other level of learning, helping the weak ones and making a strong bond between each and everyone of them. This interaction makes their minds more creative and innovative. Students are not only dependant on the knowledge given to them by their teachers. It also develops the concept of multitasking among the students and they perform more than one task at the same time.

On the other hand, the opposing school of thought opposes the introduction of laptops and internet connections in the classrooms. This school of thought says that this technology has more disadvantages than the advantages. This introduction of technology does not improves the learning ability of a child, it distracts him or her from the desired objective of learning. They support their arguments by claiming that students during lectures are observed playing games on the their digital notebooks, surfing through the websites or busy in online chatting with friends within/outside the classroom network.

The opposition criticizing the use of the internet in the classrooms says that it provides students a large space to wander their minds rather than concentrating on the lectures given to them. They also say that what one can find on the internet? is just the information. Where as teachers provide students with the knowledge, combining the information with references and the practical experience faced by them. Contradicting with the concept of multitasking the opposing school of thought says that students get involved in so many tasks that they forget about their main task, on which they should be concentrating on.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that NO doubt that the introduction of digital notebooks and internet in the classrooms is a great achievement and provides great benefits to the students. There should be a check on the students to make sure that they are not using these facilities in negative ways. All not related websites should be blocked in the classrooms so that students concentrate and get the best out of it.

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